About us

        ESTN was started since 1996, our factories are base in Tianjin, China. ESTN Group also have factories in Yingkou, Nanjing and Wuxi, China. 
        We are specialized in R&D, manufacturer, and supply of High quality ESTN Brand and OEM of customers requested scaffolding material and formwork products in China. 
        Our mean products include : 
        * Ring Lock Modular System Scaffolding supply and design; 
        * Aluminium/Steel Formwork Design and Material supply; 
        * Scaffolding Tubes and all Clamps ; 
        * Metal Boards/ LVL Boards;Steel and Aluminium Ladder Beams; 
        * Steel ladder and Aluminium Ladders and Scaffold Stairs; 
        * Prainted and Galvernised Steel/Aluminium Prop. 
        ESTN also can help our client to design system scaffolding and formwork system as projects request and supply of solution of erect scaffolding and formwork as project request to be safety and cost saving on material, labor cost and timing. 
        We have 150 workers, 30 members of Engineers and Inspectors to produce 5,000tons products Of Capacities of products monthly at totals 30,000㎡ workshops and warehouse spaces.  
        And meanwhile, we also can give our oversea clients support on technical and engineering services support from our overseas hub in Singapore and Germany. 
        In last 20 years, ESTN has focus on the special needs of the petrochemical, power plants, marine offshore and onshore, shipbuilding, civil construction industries. 
        We have supplied with worldwide companies in USA, Japan, UK, Australia, Europe Sooth-America, South Asia And Middle East.   
        Our commitment to industry-leading quality assurance, extensive employee training and factory certification are unmatched and our proprietary manufacturing and logistics well arrangement to make sure that our clients can receive delivery of the safest most reliable scaffolding products on time. 
        Quality Steel to be sure for Quality Sca?olding 
        ESTN are committed to quality in every step of the scaffold manufacturing process. All the steel we use  
        comes with mill certificates but we don’t stop there. We use an independent lab to verify that all steel arriving 
        in our factories meets or exceeds the appropriate BS EN, JIS. ASTM/ANSI specifications. 
        Our Commitment to only supply of Safety material 
        We provide our test labs. and on the erect training for our factory team. Our welding procedures were  
        written by an independent professional engineer. 
        We know that construction safety depends on our scaffolding quality.   
        Our Ring Lock Scaffold System have approved by Singapore Test Certs from PSB,  and our Tubes, all Clampss, Ladder Beams and Jack Bases, Props have been approved with SGS, Tuv. and LLoyds test Certs 
        We are proud to have earned ISO9001:2008 certification for our manufacturers. 
        Our manufacturers with sufficient manufacturing capacity to meet your requirements. 
        Plus it creates a distinct competitive advantage. We implement our industry leading quality assurance and control programs in our factories, and combine those resources with the technical knowledge and experience of our overseas based technical and engineering services operations. 
        And also we have enough warehouse spaces to support our client to delivery on time. 
        All of those allows ESTN to offer you a distinct cost advantage and creates significant value for our customers.  
        Quality by strictly and continuous control with all daily records. 
        ESTN take a common sense approach to good business. We start with quality people, manufacture quality products and work hard to establish and maintain quality relationships with our customers. 
        We look forward to the privilege of working with you and the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to quality manufacturing, business excellence and above all CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

        Http://www.2165.net.cn     E-mail: info@estngroup.com 


        Tel:+86 22 86439826

        Address:  No.1 Hai Tai Hua Ke 3 Road, Tower 1,  #302 , HuaDing Industrial Park,  BinHai High Tech District, TianJin, China 300000

        地址:天津滨海高新区华苑产业区海泰华科三路1号1号楼-1-302    邮编:300000



        Tel : 0086-21-63819928

        218 Tianmuxi Road, #30-03 Tower 2, Jingan District    Shanghai 200070
        Email:info@estngroup.com , richard@estngroup.com












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